Do you have these questions in mind?

► Is the school system helping your children to become productive and respectful members of society?

► Is the current system preparing your children to have the skills that they can use in the future?

► Are you planning to homeschool your children but you don't know where and how to start?

► Are you just curious about homeschooling because some of your friends are into it?

► Do you feel tired sending your children to school back and forth, and trying to beat the hustle and bustle of everyday travel, that sometimes it affects your relationship with them?

How can I have more time with my kids without sacrificing my personal needs in the future.

This eBook has the Answers that You are Looking For

Homeschooling - A Beginner's Guide on How to Teach Children Without A Classroom

Below are some of the benefits that you can get:

► Build intimate and meaningful relationships with your children.

► This book will guide you on how to start your homeschool journey with your children.

► Transfer your values and beliefs to your children and address their questions when they have them.

► Protect your children from the negative influences they may encounter outside of home.

► Share with your children the common, everyday joys of life.

► Help your children mature through the difficult times in their lives.

Soon you will have more time, your children will be more independent than ever.

Order Now and You'll Also Get These Bonuses

Writing Practice for Homeschool Beginners

Original price is US$9.99 but FREE when you order my new eBook.

What are the benefits of Handwriting Practice?

► It gives calming effects

► Boosts cognitive skills

► Inspires creativity

► Sharpens the mind

► Improves memory

Ways for Homeschool Mom to Relax

Original price is US$4.99 but FREE when you order my new eBook.

Some of the key takeaways for this eBook are:

How to always have positive outlook

► How to relax in the midst of a challenging day 

► Look at the budget part of homeschooling

► How to maintain a high level of energy

What is this eBook Worth to You?

We are always God's work in progress.

But what I like most about homeschooling is, while my children are growing and learning, I am also learning and growing with them.

We walk hand in hand while exploring the world and the things that surrounds us.

That is why I wrote this eBook. I want to help you experience the positive effects of homeschooling with your family without spending so much.

It is a good guideline for beginners like you. I made it detailed, understandable, simple and friendly.

It is the outcome of my ten years of experience in homeschooling.

And this eBook will not cost you a fortune...

I just want parents to open their mind for the future of their children.

What others are saying about this eBook

Hi Marilyn. I just finished your eBook on Homeschool 101. I must say that it is very well researched. Very enlightening. I'm sure those Mom's who are interested in homeschooling will have better understanding on how it works. Great job.

Arnold Billones
Financial Advisor, Philippines

I have read the eBook already. It is insightful. Marami akong nakuhang ideas. I think homeschooling must be promoted in our country. Good job Lyn for your nice website! I would be a frequent visitor for sure.

Fritz Cabahug Lagariza
Teacher, Cavite, Philippines

Got it! wow very inspiring. This e-book would help me to convince my wife about homeschooling.

Nilo Golosino Simogan
Accountant, Qatar

Take Advantage of the Special Introductory Price

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But today I'm giving it at a discounted price (limited-time offer) of US$9.99 only.

My belief in helping you learn is simple: Be a channel of learning, freedom and blessings.

Because I know that through sharing and giving, we add value to others and to ourselves as well.

Why should I keep something that I know, when it adds value to others, to me and my family?

My aim is to help you DECIDE on your OWN with CONVICTION to successfully Homeschool your children, to have more time for them, and for yourself in the future.

I will guide you, so you can make the right decision, and to know if homeschooling is for you and your children.

Take ACTION NOW before this offer EXPIRES.

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Looking forward to be of help.

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