5 Online Business That You Can Start With Zero Capital

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while, I got busy. So many things had happened lately. Since we came back home in the Philippines recently, a lot of things needs to be done. And for sure all my Filipino friends know the hassle of going back home.

New Home, New Environment

Since were away for quite some time, and we dispose everything since we left, so we need start over again, although we are prepared, we have a place already to stay but we need to arrange it again, a new job to look for, new school for our children... oops what happen to homeschool thing. Wait, allow me first to tell you.

We cannot homeschool our children until the end of time. The time will come that our teachings must be put into practice. That is why we decided to go back home and see it for ourselves if what we have done was effective. We didn't send them to Malaysian school because we are thinking, it's about time for them to know our culture.

So we got busy these past few months going back and forth to our Ministry of Education. Asking what is the best way to do since they are homeschooling all their lives especially my youngest.

So for my fellow Filipino, if you homeschool your child outside the Philippines be ready to do an additional bridging program for them in their Filipino and Araling Panlipunan subject.

Or while you were there outside of the country start introducing to them the two most important subjects in our country if you still have a plan going back home.

Or there is another way, if you are planning to send them into regular school here in the Philippine soon, they can take the PEPT exam it's the Philippines Educational Placement Test, wherein they will take the exam and find out what level of knowledge are they according to their age.

For us, this is the easiest way to do since I am confident with my children. We just have to review them a little bit in Filipino and Araling Panlipunan. So we're set to take the exam this coming September.

Online Business

Ok, now here's what I promise you, I promise that I will share with you how to earn online while homeschooling our children so here its.

As a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom or maybe a single parent) sometimes we think if what we are doing is all worth it. Do not think twice, it is!... Trust me, eventually it will all make sense.

When my children are still small, right after I resign from my Ten years (10) working experience, imagine ten years, then all of a sudden I stop, it wasn't easy.

I pity myself thinking, how my other coworkers are there enjoying their lunch while chit chatting here I am washing clothes and dishes. But that was just a split minute of thinking.

After a while I consider myself lucky because I don't have a boss to look down on me, to bully me, I don't have to wake up so early and stress myself what to wear, I don't have to face some rude customers who don't know what kind of job I have.

Here I am with my children, eating lunch and having fun, spending quality time with them. And now that they are all grown up, I can say I don't have any regrets giving up my profession. Because work can easily find us, but the love and respect of our children once gone, it can never be saved again.

So because of Homeschooling a lot of things saved me, It saves my relationship with my children, It saves my relationship with my husband, and I save a lot of time, and now here I am doing online business and an online entrepreneur (I told you soon work will find you).

Sorry for my long introduction hehehe.

It is true that sometimes wrong choices bring us to the right direction. So, long before this, I've tried so many online things just to earn money. Accept it, as a mother we also want to have our own, we also want to help our husband augment our budget. But everything I've tried doesn't earn much.

Trial and error was the real deal, so do not be afraid to make mistakes and to fall. Because of this, we are learning. So after so many mistakes now I am earning, still not much, but it is better than before and I can see the potential of growing the business.

This is not a scam, and you have to work for it, this is not a promise of easy scheme earning, sleep now and tomorrow you are earning. Well, after all, if you don't spend time on it, it's not worthy. So here are the Five (5) Online business you can start with, without spending any amount. (Tried and tested by me, of course, hehe)

1. Sell Product online

This is the first venture I tried ever since I started homeschooling. Multiply was the thing of the past. Actually, I started with what I have in my home (no capital).

Things which I am not using anymore. Instead of setting up a sort of ukay-ukay in Filipinos (second-hand store), I set up a multiply account and selling any product I can think of. During those times we are already transferring to Malaysia so I need to dispose of a lot of things.

So instead of throwing them away, I sell them online and I didn't expect that someone will buy, so I got hooked and I started buying and selling it online. The thing is, selling online needs a lot of physical activity so when MULTIPLY closed their website (everybody for sure know what Multiply was), I never came back to online selling. But it's a good start.

2. Affiliate Marketing

We started with the product we are using. Actually, affiliate marketing is another thing you can do, but make sure that before recommending a product make sure that you are using it and you saw it up and running. You saw the potential that is why you are recommending it. (Para hindi mapahiya)

I have the support of my husband here, so listen if you want to succeed in everything you do, make sure that your support system is strong and your husband is one way to have it. But if you're a single parent do not lose hope. There are a lot of ways to look for a support system. Look for someone who has the same goals and vision as yours then collaborate.

By the way, one of our affiliate marketing is Bo Sanchez stocks update. We started using it when we got interested in the Philippines stock market and after a while of using it and it's effective we share it with other people. If you are interested in knowing more about stocks (investing not trading) just let me know. 

3. Real Estate Marketing (Initial investment your sincerity)

Nowadays it was the best time where advertising was so easy. FB, Twitter, Instagram. Real Estate Marketing is another easy way to start a business without any capital.

I was a real estate agent in Malaysia for quite some time selling condos and houses from the Philippines. Someone introduces it to us and we love the idea. During those times we know a little bit about real estate. Reading a lot of books about it so we tried and it was effective.

Yes, we are helping our fellow OFW or Overseas Filipino Worker friend to save and invest their hard earn money. Because it was not easy coming back home without nothing after working hard for so many years.

Now without regrets, we are enjoying what we have and we are still helping other Filipinos learn to invest and save. (Philippine nowadays is booming so for all my Malaysian friends if you are interested in investing here in the Philippines just let me know) You can visit me anytime and I am very happy to show you how beautiful our country is.

4. E-book

Well, for sure some of you bought my e-book now, if you didn't buy it yet, buy it now, it's your first base to financial freedom hahaha. Not joking, if you are a mother we really need to make our kids independent, and for me, homeschooling proves it all.

Now that they are old enough and got used to study on their own, after building the discipline, now I have more time to write more e-books.

Well, I know for now you are thinking, Hey Marilyn I am not a writer how to write la? (This is how some of my Malaysian friends talk, oh my I miss them and I miss Malaysia)

Well, you don't have to be a writer, I am not a writer, but I tried to learn bit by bit. Listen, if you want to start a business, start now as in right now. There is no such thing as overnight success. Especially in business, great business is built in decades.

So start reading now how to write an e-book and I'll guarantee you, all of the learning is worth it. (Soon I will share all that I have learned in my e-book business, I am still trying to organize all the things that I have learned and how to market it.)

5. Online Coaching

This one you need to have a website. Well, nowadays for sure most of us know what is a website or even a Facebook account. Again, you will tell me, I don't know how to teach people. Let me tell you this, coaching is not all about teaching people.

Sometimes coaching is about telling the world your message, it's about sharing your struggles even though you embarrassed to tell the world, but do not neglect those people who might learn something from your experience, someone who will be inspired with your story.

When I am just starting this homeschooling thing, I thought I am not good enough to tell people about homeschooling, but a lot of friends are asking me how I started it all.

Without expecting anything I shared my stories and what I have learned from our experience. Little did I know that a lot of people really don't know what to do and where to start and they need help.

Now they are my constant chat mate learning from each other. So do not underestimate what you know. You never know you might save someone else's lives because of what you know.

So there you have it, my friends. Stick with me and let us exchange ideas, share each other knowledge. I know some of you mommy's has a lot of things to contribute in this world. I am happy to have each and every one of you on my list. Next time I will share with you how to create a website that works.

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