Are you Crazy?


Are you crazy? Yes, this is the word most of the time I’ve heard especially when I want something big.

Are you crazy? when I told someone in my 20’s that I want to have a child, but I cannot marry yet but my intention is good.

Are you crazy? when I told someone in my 30’s that I want to stop working and start homeschooling my children.

Are you crazy? it’s impossible, the word we heard in our 40’s when we told someone we wanted to have a salary as high as we can imagine, so we can share to the world as much as we can.

Because we believe God gave us a different unique talent that we can share of, so we really need to maximize it so others can enjoy it as well.

It’s not okey that only you can enjoy it. Sabi nga if God cannot trust you with small things, how can He trust you with big things right?

My husband and I are a big dreamer, both coming from a not so poor family. We both came from a middle-class family, well that’s what we thought of. We thought that our family is part of the middle class.

But now thinking hindi pala, our family, where we came from we are part of the 99% poor family. But during the 80’s and 90’s life is still simple back then, the world is really changing so we have to learn how to embrace changes.

But nothing is impossible, and this is what we have learned. That those who are crazy enough to think that they can change their world are those people who can really change anything.

Recently we came back home to spend the holiday. We’ve been exile for ten years (10) just self-exile actually hehe. after ten years, this is the first time again to spend Christmas with family and friends

It is true, people travel the world in search of happiness and what they need, and return home to find it.

We just self-exile ourselves, because of our craziness, we just want to experience the things others are afraid to try. But should I say, is it worth it? definitely.

Do you want to know what living life to the fullest actually is?

Fail, fail as hard as you can.

Because after failing this is what you will become.

It’s waking up in the morning with no complaints.

It’s knowing you always deserve to be happy.

To laugh as hard as you can.

It’s doing the things you always wanted to do without guilt.

It’s doing what you feels right no matter how crazy you look like.

It’s about being yourself, it’s about knowing what you want, it’s about doing what you love because at the end of the day only you and you alone can identify that your craziness is really a blessing indeed.

There are a lot of normal people in the world try not to be one and find out how you can become. You never know there is something waiting for you out there.

Because your I can is more important than you IQ.

Have a blessed day to all


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