Are you frustrated sometimes?

Do you sometimes feel lost? frustrated? lonely? and wanted to just walk away?

Being a homeschool mom, I am totally lost and feeling frustrated most of the time.

Especially when I assume that my children were not paying attention to what I am trying to say.

Or everytime I wanted to teach them they ignore me.

I feel like crying and wanted to shout. I want to burst like a volcano and tell them, that I want to give up and walk away.

But then always, I heard whisper into my ears telling me that God didn’t loose his temper or walk away from me.

When life’s lesson is a little bit tough, when circumstances doesn’t agree with me.

I am loved beyond measure.

For so many years of existance and immeasurable trials, I know God did not forsake me.

Or leave me.

I know because every time I feel alone and lonely,  I can feel him.

Gently wrap his arms around me.

Lovingly he leads me to the way which was easily be understood.  

Specially now, that everytime I am in a position, trying my best to teach my children all the necessities that  life’s may bring.

Sometimes, I need assurance and guidance that I am doing the right thing.

Then all of a sudden He will let me realize that I, should be thankful.

Because despite of all my complained, life is still fair and just. That life is still good.

Now all I ever wanted was to praise him, after several years of doing homeschooling, after many ups and downs.

Because now, I believe that only him can lead me the right way.

For He said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me”



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