Do small things with great Love

It’s been a while, I never had the luxury of time to write because of some important things that I need do. I am not a writer so I really need a lot of motivation and good mood to write something like this.


And because I became busy with all the errand, traveling back and forth, because children had a very busy students activity/convention so I was not able to write consistently, but I'm trying.

I really want to discipline myself to write frequently as possible because I wanted to improve my grammar and my writing.

But because of the long list of becoming busy, sometimes as a mother and a wife I forget how to enjoy life in a small way.

That sometimes I really had this in mind.

Am I really busy?

If God has given all of us the same time how come others have different life compare to mine?

If I am doing the right things how come other still feels bad about me?

I also happen to read about this article or post which kinda funny because I believe helping people should be a private thing and should not be broadcast to the whole world.

One reason why we left this group. For us service is a personal thing, God will bless us base on our intention not base on the gravity of what we are doing.

Without good intention, service is nothing I believe. After all, a community is not just a group of people with friends who happens to be with the same background or interest.

A community is a wide scope of subjects or areas than what others define it.

Upon contemplating and being quiet for an hour each day I’ve realized there is a logical explanation to all of my questions.

Sometimes we really need time to be alone, to be with ourselves, to know thyself. Plato also alluded to the fact that understanding 'thyself,' would have a greater yielded factor of understanding the nature of a human being.

Why are we so busy? Sometimes we are so busy because that is what the society dictates us. That being productive entails spending more time at work but reality it consume us.

We think we must work harder and longer than the majority of us to be considered as someone who is successful, we squeeze more time into our day than other people.

Because the society’s criterion of being a successful is that, people should have this and that, people must be doing these and those. But it’s not.

I believe successful people are those who are happy regardless of their situation they are in, they are satisfied with what they have.

I believe careless individual are more successful and happy compared to the majority of the people who are trying to fit in a society.

Those who doesn’t even care what future lies ahead, those are the people we can consider successful because they know how to live one day at a time.

Successful people don’t allow to control them by people, things and their circumstances and their past.

This is how John Wooden define success.

Success is a peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.

If God gave us the same number of time how come others have a different life?

Have we ever evaluate ourselves lately? There have been times in my life when I believed I will be happy if I have all of the things that I thought makes me happy.

That I need to be busy to be able to get those things. That my happiness revolved around how busy I am, I was trying to prove myself that I was valuable.

If I was busy, I was creating the possibility of a better life in the future. But being busy didn’t make me feel happy, but it only created the illusions that someday, somehow I can finally slow down and be free.

But how can I achieve that free time if currently I let society dictates, to do things just the same every day?

According to Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”

If you are doing the same thing as what the society impose. Don’t wait for that free time for you to achieve and enjoy because it’s not going to happen anyway.

If you Don’t like something, change it. If you cannot change it change your attitude. Don’t complain.

Sometimes we people have the ability to look at the negative side of things, we tend to blame people and circumstances.

Then we started to feel bad and not happy until such time that everything will be interconnected with our lives.

Happy and successful people do not allow to be eaten up by the society, they are trying their best to be different and that is how they become happy and successful.

They live their lives differently.

Why we feel bad when people say something inappropriate about us. Why we are so affected when we didn’t pass the criteria of the society and the people around us.

Is it because we have the tendency of trying to please everyone? Or it is normal because God gave us the ability to feel and to love.

But we cannot please everybody even though we will do all the best of our ability, and same goes as we cannot have everything.

We really need to know ourselves better by spending more time alone with our creator.

Honestly, the moment I give up my job, I lose those people whom I love so dearly, those things that I kept for so many years which I thought they added more value to me. That is the moment that I gain so much wisdom.

Sometimes the noise of our surroundings,

the applause of a job well done,

the stress of the upcoming events we forgot to consider that relationship is far greater than what the world can offer.

That at the end of the day we really need to ask ourselves so seriously, if whom we are really accountable?

I believe if our intention is true and sincere there is nothing to feel bad about other people and our circumstances.

If we make sure that what we are doing are really coming from the heart. Because it will definitely show whether we like it or not. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a habit.

“at the end of the day, it’s not about how others recognize your effort, but how you felt while doing little things with great joy”

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