The Lazy mom’s way to love your kids

What I’m about to share with you is really a memorable experience.

I have three kids, all of them are homeschooled.

I started to homeschool my kids when my husband decided that we go with him overseas.

My eldest and second child still experienced the conventional school​ back home.

During those days, I had my own fair share of struggles.

As a working mom, I never had the luxury of time to focus on my children.

But sometimes, God give you the reason to do what you had to do.

My mother-in-law died, so I have no choice but to look after them.

My eldest child was so active during his younger years.

During those time, I never heard of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), so we were not able to test him for that,

but every time our monthly check up is coming, I always ask his pediatrician why he's so active.

The pedia will say, oh, maybe because of the milk he drink.

But now looking back, those restlessness, those constant motion, and too much movement, became an advantage.

Now he is a professional Rubiks player, a game that need constant movement of the hand and mind. 

My youngest is a little bit dyslexic, how did I know? when she writes she interchange letter, b becomes d and she read them differently.

And I remember, her teacher at that time told me. Hey! your daughter is a bit dyslexic mah! *with chinese accent*. Since we are staying in Malaysia.

My middle child, a little bit reserve but just fine.​

Ten years had passed​, now thinking, good thing I didn't label them base on what I saw.

We people love to put label on people.

He doesn't want to chit chat, he's anti-social.

She love's party, she's a whore.

He's great in math, future engineer.

Her English is perfect, she's so intelligent.

Now thinking, why should I put a label on my children.

If they love what they are doing, it's perfectly fine with me. 

Why? because base on my experience, label should not determined our kids future.

Allow me to share why I said that.

Seventeen years ago, I am in an environment where most of my acquaintances and colleague are Masters and Ph.D.

My environment is surrounded with highly intellectual people literally.

Working in a University as a professional librarian. I always feel stupid and dumb, surrounded by these people.

Though I was able to finish my Master's Degree, because it's part of the requirements, but deep in my heart, I never felt fulfilled. 

Why, because I do not know my purpose then, I am not sure, why I am doing the things I need to do.

I just follow what the society told me to do.

Until I started to home school my children, a lot of realization and mind opening experience.

That our knowledge, and learning are unlimited.

That, we have the capacity to learn on our own because it's part of our survival mode.

And not because I am not good in English or Math doesn't mean I was consider stupid or dumb.

Now I know, we are a unique individual and we have different purpose in life.

Others maybe excellent in English because they were put there for some reason, me I am good into being a mother because this is where I am planned to be.

Now I've learned my lesson, I am who I am not because of what the society, or my friends, or my neighbors told me who I am.

I don't care if they label me as the worst mother of all, because we never send our children to school.

I don't care if they tell me that I am snob and anti social, because I do not blend with them, it's totally fine.

I'm a lazy mom, and the way I will love my kids is by not trying to put label on their heads.

But rather by supporting them all the way.

It doesn't matter what road they will take, as long as they are happy and make a significance out of the course they choose in life. 

For I cannot raise my children the same way as others, because each child are special in some way​.

Everybody is a Genius

But If we Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

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