Positive Things We Should Be Saying To Our Children

Homeschooling is a bit frustrating sometimes, especially if your kids doesn’t want to listen most of the time.

But this is what I’ve learned, the more we criticize them and put bad words into our mouth the more it became a reality to them.

In a situation wherein saying no is a lot easier than to love them during their shortcomings I came to an idea that if things don’t work out well why not change the strategy.

That instead of saying no, instead of criticizing them, instead of showing them my frustration and anger, I will be saying positive words to them.

You can add if you think of something that’s not on my list.


1. You are Love

2. I love you

3. Thank you

4. You are beautiful/handsome

5. It's okey, you can learn from your mistake

6. Your words are poswerful

7. We can do all thing thru Christ who give us strenght

8. God has a plan for us.

9. No worries.

10. I am so proud of you.

And a lot more that you can add up.

Just make sure that everything that comes our in our mouth are in addition to the self esteem of our child.

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