Happy Birthday to me!!!

“Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” – John Maxwell


As I open my eyes today my happiness is overwhelming. Apologies for those who cannot post greetings on my FB (this is the trend nowadays) because a lot of spam that’s the reason why I make it private.

But I thank those who made an “E” best for EFFORT just to PM me and greet me personally. Because of them, I can really consider myself blessed because I still have lots of TRUE friends which are difficult to find nowadays.

Hindi yung makikipag friends para utangan ka lang (people who make friends just to borrow money).

Come on guys I wasn’t born yesterday.

I know those who are true to me in front of my face and those who are not.

That’s why when I became forty I began to be very selective and so careful of whom I am going to let into my life.

Quality over quantity guys if you want your life to be fruitful and meaningful.

And every time my birthday is coming, always, as in always God always remind me, who are the people that are for keeps and who are not, knowing how special you are to them each year is priceless.

I know birthdays have a lot of reminders.  And I have few for this year.

1. That I’m getting older and I should know that life is just temporary and I need to think about my retirement (LOL).

2. It’s a reminder how blessed I am each day. Nakakatayo at nakakagising pa. (I was able to wake up each morning)

3. That people come and go but that doesn’t mean they don’t love us forever.

4. That life really has its up and down, all I have to do is just enjoy and embrace the journey.

5. That God is really the autopilot of our lives. Whatever we do, his plan will always prevail.

6. That I need to count my age by true friends (wow I am still young hehe), not years. Count my life by smiles I put on my face, not tears.

7.That I need to be so strong more often, that nothing can disturb my inner peace.To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I’ve met.

8. That I cannot protect myself from sadness without protecting myself from happiness.

9. That the love of people who are closest to me is more important than those people who are just there staring at me to see me fail.

10. That above all of this He makes my relationship with him stronger than ever, He brought me this far, He will definitely bring me farther.

That’s why on this day I really need to say Thank you to everyone who remembers and made effort to greet me, thank you to those who continuously love me.

The smile on our face shows how blessed we are 🙂

*Note: Some words are written in my language so I can express better 🙂

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