How to Start a Website

Do you want to learn how to start a website the right way? 

Then pay attention.

Nowadays we must admit that if we want to impact the world, if we want to start a business. 

If we want to send our message out there,  we need some platform where we can send our message. 

And I believe we all do have a message to share to the world.

Few days back I commit a honest mistake, where in I sent e-mail to all of my subscriber without even thinking the great impact, the outcome, the result of that one drastic e-mail move.

And the worst part I even sent it to my husband's friends, colleagues and family because we have the same e-mail subscriber.

But enough of that, I've learned my lesson well.  That's when I realize that a lot of people are really reading my blog and my message. 

So I really need to be careful about what I am sharing to the world.

So today I want to give you some value.

I want to help you how to start a website and a blog so that you can start sending your message to the world.

I've been doing it from the moment I started homeschooling and I saw my improvement.

That is why I am confident and I know that this one will give you the value you desire.

Don't think that, who am I to impact the world? 

I thought of that as well.

Before someone bought my e-book, before that one tragic email I sent hehehe.

Most of my reader and subscriber e-mailed me.

They even send me PM, they cannot believe and Imagine if I am the one who sent that email to them. 

From that day I promise myself that everyday I will try to send something valuable to my reader.

Something that they can use and somehow change their lives so here it is.

Starting today prepare yourself to receive more like this kind of blog post.

Prepare to receive more e-mail from me.

And starting today I will accomplish my promise to give you more values than ever.

As I have mention before I am attending an internship on email marketing, social media marketing and copywriting so I want to share with you guys what I have learned. 

And this just the first few of those learning.

And I will start by letting you know How to do a website and blog so you can also start impacting the world around you, sounds great to you?

Here are the 5 easy steps on how to start a website and blog.

1.  Choose the right blogging platform for your new blog.

2.  Choose your blogs topic (Niche as what they call it) & custom domain name.

3.  Set up your blog and web hosting

4.  Customize the look and feel of your new blog

5.  Write your very first blog post

Starting a blog is really easy, and sending message as well.

The only thing is how we use this platform the right way in sending our message.

To influence and impact people to make their life better.

Okay now I will elaborate more one by one those 5 easy step.

No. 1 Choose Blogging Platform

I used before, if you are going to check my previous website you will never read it at all. 

My writing was worst, my graphics are even worst and it's not readable as this, you will get bored the moment you open  it.

Though I gain some friends on that blog, we have to admit technology really change our lives. 

But most blogger and influencer use WordPress and I've learned recently why.

First, because it will make every website look professional, and same as other blogging site it's free.

It's easy to use, simple to customize and designed based on your taste.

Why Do People Use & Recommend WordPress?

It's free for anyone to use (you just need a cheap webhost & domain name)

It's super easy to use even if you never built a blog before

They have over 5,000 free themes to choose from to make your blog look awesome

Over 91% of all blogs are running WordPress, including mine!

Why we need webhost and domain name?

One of my biggest mistakes when I started blogging, is using a free blogging platform.

And I believe this is everyone mistakes, they wants to learn how to start a blog for free.

But if you do this, you will seriously limit your potential success as an influencer, or if you want to start a business, or if you want to impact the world.

Most of the major free blogging platforms like Blogspot, and Tumblr have the same similar lacking features.

You have zero control over your blog, whoever can shutdown your website or delete it anytime and kabooom! all your hard work will be gone in an instant.

It terms of customizing your website, other free platform doesn't have a thousand themes and plugins and their templates are limited.

In terms of videos and images you cannot upload as many as you want and the graphics are not as good as wordpress.

Customize domain name is one important factor for your reader or customer to recognize you and remember you and take you pretty seriously.

For example you are offering a product and your domain name has blogspot,com in the end rather than just your name or your product. 

Domain name is important it is like your company name or store name so make it short and easy to remember.

My previous website title was  imagine that hehe.

That is why  before when someone ask me  what is your website name? I am even so lazy to mention it.

And lastly, no one will take you seriously, believe me. Having that kind of website name. Even if I am so serious spreading my message.

My message of how to build a wonderful relationship with your family.

How to discipline our children with love and compassion.

And how homeschooling blessed me and change my life.

And how homeschooling impact a lot of family around the world.

If you are serious about impacting the lives of other people and make few hundred bucks to support your mission then do things the right way the first time!

And Website is so important to achieve that business or for that mission to make it happen.

No 2. Why we need a Domain Name?

As what I have said previously people will not take you seriously if you are offering something to them if your domain name was 1.) Hard to remember 2.) Doesn't match the product your are offering and 3.) You didn't put a lot of thinking choosing a domain name.

Base on my example, given these two domain name or lynpalmares.e2serve,com which do you think is much better? I bet it's the second one.

Easy to remember and you already  know what I am offering. By the way e2serve means earn to serve.

My husband and I have this mission vision and believes that God want us to return the favor He has given us.

So remember choosing a domain name is one important steps when starting a website or blog.

If you don't know what domain name to choose here are few suggestion base on my research

  • Write a list of 3 things you are good at
  • Write a list of 3 things you are interested in or enjoy
  • Write a list of 3 things you want to learn about

Or you can use your name right away just like what I did.

And by the way just  a reminder, make sure that you choose a certain niche or topic to write, that is one way for your reader to keep on coming back especially if you serve certain group.

Just like me most of my reader are into homeschooling I believe and somehow they can relate to what I am sharing.

No 3. It's time to set up your Web Hosting and WordPress (Website)

Okay what is a Web Hosting?

Web hosting is what keeps your website online and stores all your blog files, images and content. If you don't have a web host no one would be able to see your website or your blog.

If I don't have a web hosting who will keep all my files, video and images, and If I don't have a web hosting my blog will not be available to you and to all the people around the world every second of the day.

Be careful as well, avoid choosing bad web hosting companies, there's a lot in the market, mine, I use INTERSERVER because according to my IT husband, it's cheaper and serve well compare to other web hosting company, he knows better I guess.

Because other Web Hosting companies just like our previous web host are slow, updating my website took a lot of time and worst case scenario there were times I cannot even access my website and they have a terrible support system.

So I recommend to study carefully the web hosting you are going to choose in the future.

So if you have decide what Web Hosting to choose, and you have your website name in your mind, now it's time to set up your word press.

Picture below will show you how to  buy web hosting and set up domain name base on my chosen web hosting INTERSERVER. You can watch youtube, a lot of tutorial on setting up a web hosting and website.

Red arrow is where you will type your domain name and check if it is still available,

Though different web hosting has different website set up. But choosing a Domain name are mostly the same. 

After setting up your domain name some web hosting need more hours before your domain name become available online. Instruction will be provided by your web hosting company no worries.

Or you can PM me or DM me anytime if you have any question.

After all most web hosting companies provide 24/7 assistance just in case something went wrong with your website 

Picture below will show you how your wordpress looks like.

If you want to start writing just click the NEW and choose what you want to share. 

You can share either of the following, New post, Media, you can share link and pages.

So now that you have set up your wordpress, you can now start writing and you can now start sending your message to the world.

No 4. Customize your Website

Let us accept that each and everyone of us has different character and taste. Your website will represent you and your character.

Your reader will mostly visit your website base on how they feel about your website.

The design of your website plays a huge role in the success of your blog because it's the body language of your blog.

So the first thing we need to do in customizing our website is finding and choosing a theme that we like.

Picture below will show you how to change your theme.

Just click the appearance, click themes, then click add new

wordpress theme search

No 5. Write your First Blog

Let me explain each part.

No . 1 The title area, this is where you write the title of your blogpost

No. 2  The Add Media, if you want to add media content like picture or video you can click this one.

No. 3  The content area where you write  the main content of your blog post. This is where your idea, your message will be written.

No. 4  You will see on the right part of the dashboard the publish area. After writing, tweaking, formatting your blog post now its about time to publish it.

Feel free to write anything you want just make sure that it gives value to your reader. Go on share your message now. See you on the other side.

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  1. May I request to provide more photos of instructions to easily figure out how to make a create a BlogSpot..:) more power!!!

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