Life doesn’t get better by chance but by change

When someone told you "nagbago kana" (you've changed) take it as a compliment.


Because according to Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966, and I quote, "those who fear changes are the most unhappy people on earth."

Choose not to allow fear and anxiety control your life, choose to guard your heart, choose to focus your mind on what is truth in the midst of uncertain time. Are your fear is much greater than your dreams and goals?

For me what is truth is only what God's promises to me. In Exodus 14:14 He said, "The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Because in order to "grow" we have to embrace changes, we have to absorb it, swallow it and  live by it. Because changes is the only thing that is inevitable in this world. Specially with the fast phase world of technology nowadays. Everything change in just a snap of a finger.

One time I post something on my FB wall and it tells something like this. "Hindi ako nagbago, natuto lang ako" (I never change, I've just learned) I received a lot of comments from friends and there was this one comment that made me laugh. Oh yeah my waistline change and got lot of white hair, but I am happy because I grew in wisdom according to her.

It made my day because I admire this kind of person who show positive attitude in life.

Yes, even me, I never want to admit that line on my face are now more recognizable, at 43 my white hair are beginning to show up, and as a mother of three my body cannot deny it that it change a lot in so many ways, but I am proud of how I become.

Remembering the old me, I know that I have changed for the better and by the grace of God I will change gracefully thru the years. 

Allow me to share some of the few books that I have read that had an impact on my life. I am not an avid fan of Robert Kiyosaki. I know a lot of people know him and the rich dad behind his success.

He is famous, best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad the number one personal finance book of all time—Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world how to think about money.

But beyond money the book also teaches about embracing changes.

I myself learned a lot from him. I can relate on almost everything that he's trying to impart or teach. Though I don't have rich dad, poor dad like him but I have a parents who never taught us, their children how to handle our finances properly, how to be financially educated.

They did not teach us how to invest on stock market and buy a

lot of real property to have a never ending passive income, so that in the future we can do what ever we want to do and we can serve our purpose better.

But looking back there was one lesson that I've learned from my parents that was similar to Robert rich dad. That is, to learn and have the desire and enthusiasm to grow and accept what life's may bring.

That, may it be bad or good, we should push ourselves harder than we thought, and my parents did a great job in pushing us harder.

My parents pushes us all their children to a maximum limits, they always told us not to settle for good and for better but for greatness. It was unconsciously that all those discipline will finally paid off soon in my future life.

I became rooted and realize that wherever life may bring, my habit will be my guiding principle to succeed and prosper. I just realize that lately 🙂

Growing up, they always make us feel uncomfortable in life. Not because they didn't love us (at least now I know hehehe). As I grew in wisdom, now I believed that they did that because they wanted us to learned harder. That life in reality was really hard and sometimes forceful.

That along the way you can encounter someone who always disagree with you, not because that person is rude or ungrateful, but because they grew up in different environment and family and that is one of the sad and harsh reality of life.

That along the way, in life we must learn to decide not only what is right and what is wrong but what is appropriate.

That sometimes we experience wrong decisions and we must learn how to accept it and move on. 

And to be able to cope up and live life that we always wanted, we have to learn how to handle things, changes and situation differently the hard way.  

So that when things go wrong and sometimes will, tatawanan mo lang sya (you will laugh at it) and everything will be easy in the end dahil sanay kana (you got used to it).

While writing this, I cannot help but to feel some tears on my eyes. Remembering how hard life used to be. Now that I am also a parent, now I know that my oldies did their best raising us all their four children.

Never complain, never get mad about what your parents couldn't give you. It was probably all they had while raising you.

The fact that they gave all their best trying to leave something, someday, a legacy that only they can be proud of, us, their children. 

While reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad there is a part there that caught my attention. According to Robert Kiyosaki's Rich dad. "Life pushes all us around, some give up, others fight, a few learn the lesson and move on."

After reading this, I realized now that my parents teaches us the best lesson in life. To never give up, because they never gave up on us.

That even life at that time was hard they never walk away, which is the easiest way to do when everything was not in perfect condition.

And that moment in our lives, they teach us to learn how to adopt changes, that we must learn our lesson well and move on.

That even life then was full of ups and downs they were able to show us that life has two sides, happiness and sadness.

That we should learn how to accept both specially the sadness and hardest part.

Now that me and my siblings already have our own family to take care of, all the lesson that we learned from our parents will forever linger on us.

This lesson that we learn are not from the best school in the world but from my parents.

Lesson that I want my children to learn, so they will be able to cope up with the reality that life's may bring.

Sabi nga and allow me to quote it.

“All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.”

I will never trade the lesson I've learned from my parents to any best schools in the world and for sure you too as well.

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