The Struggle is Real!!!

Life has it's own way of showing us how bless we are because...

God's plans will always be greater and beautiful than all our disappointments. 

Recently we launch another product online, and this time it's my husband coaching program. 

My husband has this passion for teaching, he was previous a professor for a long time before he venture into corporate world.

Let us all agree, there is no money in teaching and if you have a family to support, teaching is not a good profession to start with.

That was before when all this online thing is not yes existing.

 So after launching, we came into a conclusion based on enrollees and the outcome that our for 11 years working in a corporate world can compensate all our salary for just a span of 1 year.

You want to know how? continue reading.

Seven months ago we came back home after eleven years of working abroad.

My feelings then was...

Surprise, because at last, my husband listen to me to go migrate somewhere. 

Afraid, the moment my husband told me that he was resigning, even though there is no clarity of our migration plan.

Sad, because this is it. It's time to leave the place where we live, created memories for 11 wonderful years

Worried, because I don't know what will happen, now that we need to go back home while waiting for that application.

My feelings for the first quarter of this year seems like roller coaster.

Happy, sad, laughing, crying, I can mention how mix my emotions then.

But I never lose my faith, that's the only thing I hold onto.

Imagine 11 years of working then all of sudden jobless. No income, no job, no nothing.

But the good and my most thankful thing about was we are prepared, for the next 1 or 2 years we can live without working.

But after that 1 or 2 years what will happen to us with three teenagers in the house, that's my worry. 

My husband is a responsible man, our 18 years of marriage I saw how great his dreams and goals for our family.

He really practice what he preach, he was calm, when my emotions was lost and I feel hysterical, instead of giving me another problem to solve, he give me solutions.

Though of course he is not perfect. There is no such thing as perfect after all. Sometimes we made wrong decision unexpectedly. Part of human nature.

We are now break even, me when I decided to go with him overseas (I thought that was the most wrong decision I made in my entire life.)

And him when he decided to resign recently, 2 major wrong decision, but those wrong decision always bring us to the right places.

So when he decided to go overseas he had my full support. Even I don't know what will happen to us in a new place.

So we went overseas and we work our butt as hard as we can. Because we have our goals.

My husband work so hard, me as his support system I just stayed home and became a full time Homeschool Mom.

Imagine the adjustment, my whole life I am working then all of a sudden I stayed home feeling useless.

Because I thought earning money is the only way to be useful.

Well it's just a feeling, any stay-at-home mom can relate.

Staying home 24/7  seems endless, with that a long line of household chores that never ends.

Especially if you are not used to it, when you prefer going out of the house everyday, Then here you are preparing food, doing laundry, cleaning the toilet etc.

My 3 kids became my boss after I resign, but that was before, now that they are trained they have their own sets of household chores, and I'm glad I was able to train them early. (Pasensya, Tamad ang Nanay hehehe)

When you prefer perfection over progress.

During those times, there were instances thinking what the hell I got into.

Especially when one of the family got sick.

Staying overseas was not easy, you will feel the insecurities, even though you have the communities. Sometimes dealing with the wrong set of people is another factor.

For those 11 years it became a cycle, trabaho, bahay, weekend meetup with friend uwi ng bahay, trabaho ulet and the cycle goes on and on and on.

Until we got tired and decided to go back home. Even our original plan is different from what is happening to us right now.

Those instances, those moment, those days...

If you are going to ask me now, I can tell you straight without batting an eyelashes I am freaking, f*^@#ing thankful I was able to experience all of them..

Why? because it's true.

Sometimes our wrong choices will really lead us to the right places.

Fast Forward now...

We realize God sometimes let us experience all bad things, those failure, those struggle, those challenges and disappointment.

Why I said so?

Let me ask you a question, do you really know what is you biggest why?

I just want to ask, if you cannot answer it's okay.  I will shall share mine.

One of my BIGGEST WHY are my parents.

Yes, because they are old, they are far, they have dementia and Alzheimer.

And they are still living abroad. And they still don't know what to do with their lives.

I realize I don't want to get old like that, living overseas until my old age? because I don't have anything where I was born.

They are my biggest why, because I know my husband can handle our family anyway.

I realize the reason why I am not totally happy,  because I miss my parents, they're the one lacking in my life I guess. 

I want them to retire soon. I want them to have a good and abundant life.

Then I realize, yeah why not. I think I can do that. 

Remove the limiting belief and let everything flow naturally.

Instead of thinking pano pag umuwi sila ng pinas?

How can I provide their needs?

What happen if they got sick?

This and that, and a lot of negative thought and limiting beliefs.

The moment I embrace my fear and decided, enough is enough, I will do everything in my power na mapa retire ko sila, a lot of blessing started to come.

I am so sorry if I always share my small wins, I am just happy that bit by bit I am able to reach my goal.

And what is the connection?

Well sabi ko nga, in everything that is happening in our lives, it has it's own reason.

Seven months ago I am afraid, unsure and worried?

I had those different feelings but, I never let those feelings consume me.

And since my husband was the one who became jobless, I thought this is the time that my husband needs my 101 percent support.

Let us accept, Man is different from woman when facing some challenges.

So last month we had our breakthrough.

After more than 5 months of doing this online business finally we had our breakthrough.

But take note, it wasn't easy, If your faith is not strong you will easily give up.

But thankful that I have this attitude, when I feel that I am losing mas pinagbubutihan ko pa.

Kasi I believed I should not be afraid of walking down the path less traveled.

I love it.

I embrace it.

Because I know the reward is fulfilling.

I know because I experience it.

Because I love adventure.

I love the unknown.

I prefer progress over perfection because there is no such thing as perfect in this world.

There will always be something in between.

Though my husband and I have different character. He is more into planning and perfection compare to me. And I respect him for that.

So last month the moment I embrace my fear, ganon pala. 

Gary Vee once said " do not look for the result, love the process" because eventually everything will make sense.

Now, with the things that is happening to us right now, it all making sense...

The Homeschooling,  the connection, the blessings and the dot.

The decision to resign and go back home for a while.

Because the moment we came back home since we don't have anything to do we became focus with this online thing. Which is an advantage, we got expose.

The E-book Business

The Coaching Business

The Freelancing Business

And guess what? our children are part of what we are doing, they are part of our Online Business which we started few months ago.

Since they know how to do this things which I thought it was just a small stuff during our time living overseas.

Like the Logo making

The E-book cover design

Some Photoshop design.

My husband after long years of working in the corporate, he came back from his original passion which is teaching.

And guess what he is doing right now, giving review online for those who are planning to advance in their networking career. (Doing what he love while earning)

He launch his first course just last week and we never imagine the outcome.

I will not show you how much he gain but allow me to share you this...not to brag but to give you an idea how this online business seems to be the future of business (actually present na sya and marami ng nauna sa amin)

Guess what we realize after launching his first online course?

This online business is capable to compensate us for just one year, what we actually earned for 11 years in a corporate world.

Such powerful Era. Unlimited resources.

Though we are not focus on the monetary gain but for the value that we can possibly share. Someone told me "GIVE VALUE AND MONEY WILL FOLLOW"

Because you can reach out not only where you are located but imagine through out the world.

And me, I am hook. I now enroll and join a group of freelancer earning 6 to 7 figure income. But that is not my end goal.

My end goal is to have more freedom  just like these people, that soon I can do anything I want with my time like serving other people.

When I got my first client kase it never stop, It snow ball. I just told my first client, just in case he like my design kindly recommend me. I ask for testimonial.

According to one of our mentor in this online business, recommendation and testimonial are very powerful, we just learn the importance, now that we are in this business

And it's amazing because everytime I got project, I don't need to wait for my whole month salary, I don't need to line up to any ATM machine just to get my money.

And I can charge fees in any amount base on my worth and the value I can give to my client.

I am now doing freelancing, designing simple website.

I hire my children to help me do some of the design that I am not capable to do it.

I outsource to them and paying them minimal amount so as early as now they will know the value of money.

Practice real entrepreneurship that hardly taught in a regular school.

And for automation I hire my husband sideline nya daw LOL...

So I just hope I inspire you with this.

If you are a Homeschool Mom or Stay-at-home-Mom and feeling sorry for yourself.

Do not lose hope, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel

If you think you have what it takes to be a coach, want to inspire other people and bring your message to the world.

If you are a start up entrepreneur and you want your business to scale up.

We can help you in building your start up website just comment down below and we will definitely comment back.

Rest assured that I will be sharing more valuable info for the coming days.

See you on the other side.

By the way if you want to see our Product and what our client are saying. Never forget to visit my PRODUCT AND SERVICE PAGE.


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