What is Your Biggest Why?

Have you ever wonder what is your biggest why in life? For example being an employee, on being a mother, or maybe in doing online business, or in any business you do? Of course, we are not doing what we are doing just for fun, we want results. We have to be realistic, we have our own biggest why?

Others want to have more free time with their family, while others wanted to have financial stability, others may want to inspire other people and the list goes on. 

Tomorrow is valentines day and for sure a lot of love stories will come out. Kaya makikigaya ako hahaha. And I will share a bit of our secret. Why we came up with our biggest why.

A secret Worth Telling

My husband and I are co-workers. I work in a Library while he is teaching Engineering students, but we never knew each other. We first met in November of 1999, one year before we became a couple. We met at the baptism of our co-worker son's.  You thought he courted me for one year? No, he doesn't, read on to know how we became a couple. 

At that time on our first meeting, we both have a serious relationship, him being on a six years relationship with his college friend, while I am in an almost one-year love affair with never mind hahaha. 

Trying to recall everything because after that first time meeting on that baptismal occasions' nothing serious happened, we had our own separate ways without even an interest in meeting up again. 

Then, on  October 2000a year after we attended that baptismal day, talagang may month and year pa though I forgot the exact day, so that you can calculate how many months he courted me. 

It was the end of the semester, clearance time, while my husband was asking for a Library clearance. Nagkayayaan lang because our common friend who happens to be our kumare joke him to treat us to McDonald's, and because he is the guy who doesn't know how to say no, he just gave in. 

I believed that was also the day that he gave in to my charming personality hahaha. Kidding aside serious na. After that day in October 2000, exactly one month after, he moved into my apartment, and we live together.

What???? Ganon kabilis, but hey don't get me wrong, at that time we are not in a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship, let say it's more of a professional kind of thing.

We have another co-worker living with us by that time, but at the end of December 2000, again exactly two months after he moves in, my other co-worker who is my best buddy at that time is moving out. Why? because I was pregnant. 

Oops! this is not highly recommended to all the single ladies, parental guidance is advice, this is the part of my life that I am not most proud of, but I am not ashamed of it as well. This is the story that is intended only for me, some of the many lessons I need to learn given by God, I assumed. 

Because when I experienced that, I've learned not to be judgmental to anyone in any given situation anymore, I got matured, I became more reasonable than ever. I've learned to look at people in a different angle.

Actually, there is nothing special or unusual with our love story, it is not the boy meets a girl kind of thing and they fell head over heels in love with each other, we didn't have a long courtship, engagement kind of thing, or an elegant, stylish kind of church wedding.  But I believed he is my happily ever after.

By the way that happened seventeen years ago. We are still happily living together, and for that seventeen years, we learned so much from each other.

We learned to laugh together, cry together, we've learned to live in sickness, and in health, and accept all the challenges that life throw in front of us. We've learned to accept life as it.  And soon we will be celebrating our eighteen years of blissful union.

Why am I sharing this with you? because you might learn something from it.  I just want you to know that everything happens in GODs time. I got married at age of twenty-six.

Before I got married, I had several failed relationship, parang online business lang. I was hard headed, with so much pride and confidence. I thought I can do it on my own. 

At that time I felt I was too old already to find my true love, I thought I was on my last journey to find the man of my dreams. So whoever and whatever comes along I just accept them for who they are and I never learn. 

I never filter their character and their personality who ever courted me sige lang ng sige, guys hindi naman ako pangit but at that time I thought I am mature enough to accept people for who they are, (just what I thought). I don't mind if niloloko na ako, I was so selfish and not listening to advice. 

Later on, I realized, my decision at that time was a sign of immaturity, I never love myself enough so I never mind if I deserve the person who is coming in and out of my life. Until my husband came along (Thank God pinakinggan din ng Dyos ang matagal ko ng panalangin haha).

That moment in my life, when I proved that God wants nothing for me but a happy and fulfilling life. And that belief I carry it until now, that whatever happens, at the end of the day God still has plans for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future -- Jeremiah 29: 11

And my husband was one of His so many promises to me. Because he was the one who made me realize what is the true meaning of maturity, that commitment is far better than love.

That sometimes reasoning is better than emotion. Just like a man who cannot live by bread alone. We cannot also live by love alone, there should be a commitment, determination and forgiveness and the rest was history.

Single ladies listen to this, in looking for one true love base on my experiences, don't try so hard to search for love, because in the end love will find you, in the most unexpected ways and time.

Sabi nga do not compare your love story to those tv novelas that you are watching,(full of dramas) because those are written by scriptwriters, yours is written by God. 

And just like in doing this online business, do not compare your life's chapter two to someone else's life's chapter ten. Others may reach their full potential already and earning millions and millions of dollars, while we are still usad pagong, it's totally okay guys. As along as you have the commitment and determination to never stop until you reach your goal.

Imagine we are batch nine, and a lot of students after us are already successful in this business, but don't get envious but rather use them as an inspiration and motivation to move forward. 

Recently I posted on IBMC our first earning, the first product of our blood and sweat, of our eye bags. 

While posting that, some more are coming in, though hindi pa sya ganon kadami but I know we're getting there. 

Now,  Why Online Business?

In our seventeen years of marriage, there are so many up's and down. It is true that, just like in marriage,  online business or any other business, there is no such thing as smooth sailing.

We tried so many businesses before but everything was a failure. Then we got so tired of trying, nagpahinga muna saglit. While thinking what went wrong with all the business that we had in the past.

My husband went overseas, until such time na sumama na rin kami ng mga kids sa kanya. While we are staying in another country problem after problem are still coming in kaya medyo nagextend kami from this business, expensive education of our kids in that country, sickness, and death of family member, we barely can save even a small amount.

This is where we came up with our biggest why, we started to create our life goals, we ask ourselves what we want to achieve in the next three, five, or ten years in our lives, we commit ourselves what we really want when we retire, what we can do to help our relatives and other people more instead of just giving them only financial assistance, and after that what? It's a cycle, it never stops.

So we tried our best to learn, study, spend so many sleepless nights talking our life plan and goals together. Until we came up to the idea that if we want to help our poor relatives be not one of them. Show them that, if we were able to break the cycle, for sure they can do it as well. Though it's a bit difficult breaking the cycle especially if they got used to it.

That's where we started to fix our finances, we deprived ourselves for years buying new items, and expensive one, we never ate in a fancy restaurant, instead we treat our kids once in a while in a fast food chain, we stop traveling out of town with our so-called friends, we close our eyes with all of the criticism.

We save as much as we can. That's where we realize, we really don't need those fancy kind of things in our lives. We learned how to be satisfied with what we have and what we don't have.

We've learned the real value of money, though money is not the most important thing, but it affects all the important things in our lives, like our children's education, online courses nowadays are becoming more expensive than ever, what more if we send our kids to regular private school.

Our health, I know how it feels to come in and out of the hospital and that is why when someone told me "hindi lahat ng bagay pera" I want to tell him, wait until one of your children or maybe your wife gets sick.

We know, we still need to do a lot of things to show our relatives and friends that, we don't have to live the life that we used to know. That living in abundance is better that living in debts. 

That sometimes it is a matter of getting used to it, that is why it is so difficult to come out. It's difficult because someone must be willing to sacrifice. But rest assured that it is all worth it. I know because we've been there.

For eight (8) years now we are into stocks and real estate and so far in God's grace, everything is doing well.  Because this investment, for us is the easiest way to start.

Stocks, you can start as minimum as 5,000 pesos especially when the internet came out everything became easy, you don't have to call someone to buy and sell, in just a click of a mouse you can trade and invest.

Just make sure you study everything, do not try to invest without knowing the in and out of investing, it's risky, ask someone who is an expert and willing to help you, don't ask someone who doesn't have the experience. Always remember the parable of the blind man leading the blind when investing.

In real estate, we started with nothing, we are just so blessed that there were so many programs for OFW during our time we are still in Malaysia and they've taught us how to start.

After all Philippine is booming, condo construction is everywhere. We just have to look for the opportunities and possibilities instead of looking with a negative mindset.

Actually, there is no such thing as easy pala when it comes to investing, pag may nagsabi sa inyo that investment is easy blah blah blah, that is a false kind of marketing, we just find it easy because when those opportunity came along our mind was set to see the possibility. We also sacrifice a lot of things just to have those kinds of investments.  

We close our eyes just to achieve that, I cried so many tears along the way, we failed some of our so-called friends who don't understand our biggest why, because they thought that money is evil but living in debt is okay.

We had so much failure in life, we learn from our past mistakes and we learned to focus on the good things that may happen in the future. 

So, just like online business kapag nagisip ka ng masama, if you think like those who lack knowledge, they think all online business are scam e wala talaga. Others are earning while they are still waiting.

So now, why online business? From the moment we started to homeschool our kids we saw what the internet can do with our lives. We saw the potential and the opportunity especially my husband.  He is a network engineer by the way. He has more entrepreneurial mind compare to me.

Another advice to single ladies who wanted to get married, be careful whom you marry because your future husband can make or break you, he can also make your life miserable or heaven here on earth. Pray for your future husband as much as possible before you dive into a married life.

And when you are into it, support him and continue praying for him, that God will give your husband so much wisdom because he will be the one leading your family. It all depends into his hand the future of your next generations. If they will still be living in debts.

So let's go back why online business? Because we want our children to practice what we teach, we also want our children to be part of what we are doing, to get involved, and online business is the most possible and convenient way to achieve that.

Don't just dream of becoming wealthy then your kids are being left behind. It should be a two-way process if you have children. If you don't want to have a future problem.  Sabi nga "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. For us, online learning and online business are the future. Either we use it against us, or for us.

By the way, sharing with you my eldest son Fiverr account his name is Dale Stephen, He was the one who made my e-book cover (picture below). To all IBMC just a little favor, if you want my son to make a book cover for you it's for FREE  just let me know in exchange for a good reviews on his fiverr.

And even if it's for free he will do it professionally.

So What is our biggest why?

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    Just like others, we want to have more free time to spend it with our family,  and we cannot do that if we are being employed until retirement. I don't want to wake up one day asking myself where have all the days gone by, it happens to my parents.
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    We want to have a better life, free from debts, and worry.  Earning regularly and having a passive income until our old age is one of our biggest why. We don't want to burden our children when that time comes, we want our golden days still happy spending wonderful memories with our grandkids.
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    ​​​We want to spend the rest of our lives giving back what the Lord has given us and we know we cannot do that if we lack the first and second one.

So if you want to be successful in doing this online business. Always ask yourself.  What is my biggest why? Dahil kung hindi titigil ka lang because of all the challenges you will encounter. And for that God bless to all of us, see you at the top.

2 thoughts on “What is Your Biggest Why?

  1. Hi Lyn you’re so inspiring! I’ve been following you for quite a while and I’ve learned a lot from you. I’m from Batch13 by the way, all your blog post, and emails are resonating to me. Almost pareho tayo ng BIG WHYs: To homeschool my son and to have an online business so I can spend more time with him while earning kahit nasa bahay lang.

    Just keep on inspiring us by sharing your wisdom and experiences. God bless your family! 🙂

    1. Hi Ms.Jo,

      Thank you so much for inspiring you. Honestly, I don’t have any intention to inspire other people. Nakakatuwa lang that most of us sa IBMC keep inspiring each other. And I cannot help but to share bit by bit of my personal life hehehe. I guess being a mother isa lang ata talaga goal natin sa buhay the moment we became a mother, and what we always keep on praying, to have a wonderful, God-fearing and independent children in the future. And we are willing to give up everything talaga for them. I pray that all of us in the IBMC will really serve our purpose in life. Basta walang titigil hehehe. See you at the top. Cheers!!!

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