The term "Library" has itself acquired a secondary meaning: "a collection of useful materials for common use". But in a more traditional sense, a library is a collection of books.

It can mean the collection itself, the building or room that houses such a collection, or both. But through the ages and the revolution of the internet, using physical materials are becoming obsolete. 

We cannot only depend on hard copy or else we limit ourselves and missing the opportunity of exploring information. That is why I created this page, I am a Licensed Professional Librarian by profession and an expert in organizing Library materials particularly books. 

I've known and search so many sites a long time ago while doing homeschooling with my kids and I've realized that to serve others it doesn't necessarily mean to be visible inside the library.

I  just need to be creative. So this page was created for the better service for others that might accidentally drop by on this site. A list of useful e-books, educational website, free printable that me and my children are using ever since we started homeschooling. 

I've found some of the materials so helpful and interesting, so I am sharing it with you now. Enjoy the reading and enjoy the journey! If you find this page valuable kindly leave a comment and share it with others.

Note: By the way, most of the Materials are not my property, I took most of them on the internet and just trying to organize them. Acknowledgment and credit still goes to the owner. (Also rest assured that update will be made every time)

Personal Development

Copywriting and Advertising Book

Educational and Workbook

Children's Classic

Childhood Development

General Reference