Product and Services

After years of homeschooling. My family have used different tools over the internet that help us reach our current condition.

We transition our family from Employee to Online Entrepreneur.

Homeschooling was one of the best blessing ever happen to our family.

Personally I was able to grow and scale my skills, that eventually became part of our current online business.

This page contain our product we offer and some tools that we used over the years of homeschooling and doing online freelancing work.

We have collected them, and I wanted to share it with you, they are so beneficial to us and I hope to you as well.

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My E-book

This e-book contains a step by step guide how to start homeschooling. It's a beginner's guide for those who don't know where and how to start homeschooling their child. This e-book contain my more than 10 years of homeschooling experience. 

“We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way.” John Holt

We are into Design Yehey!!!

After years of homeschooling my family discovered each and everyone's gift.

My husband is an IT (Network Engineer).  After more than 10 years as an OFW he decided to leave his corporate job and joined the bandwagon of online business.

As a former Librarian research is my passion 🙂

And our three kids, they help us in so many ways.

Our journey as a homeschool family was not easy, it was like a roller coaster ride but it was definitely worth it.

Below are some of the product we are offering...

Websign Design and Automation (click picture below to see the website)

3D E-book design

Over the years my eldest son was able to master photoshop.

After so many do's and don'ts and many practices, he became an expert in making a 3D e-book cover.

Our clients who ask for my service for the first time, they thought it was me who did it. But the truth is, it was my son who did it hehehe.

I just deliver it on time. For design and inquiries just can message us on

What Our Clients Says About Our Design


She really put her heart into it

During my e-book creation, I ask Lyn if she can make my e-book cover. She said yes right away. Lyn is easy to deal with. I'm happy with the outcome and she really put her heart into it. I highly recommend Lyn for her work. Because she can deliver your desired outcome as you expected.

Jocelyn Oftana , E-book Writer


It's not easy doing sideline online business, especially if you are a working mother like me. As a newbie, and I am not a techi person, I've been stuck many times.

I met Lyn in one of the courses I was enrolled and luckily we are classmate. She is an inspiring woman, she push me up and help me design my e-book cover.

The design was simple but presentable and very professional.

That is why I highly recommend her. Do not hesitate to seek their service. You will be satisfied and they will deliver it on time.

Aside from that they are willing to revise it according to your color preference and design.

Once again thanks for designing my e-book cover. I am fully satisfied.

God bless!

Helen Grace Enriquez Mesa , Online Infopreneur

Out of this world customer service.

Lyn and Arnold, never failed me. They helped me in creating my Ethical Bribe and to my surprise they also offering the services like website building and design.They gave me the experience that exceeds beyond my expectations.

Out of this world customer service. They are so responsive to all my queries. The fact that I am a “newbie” into owning a website, they never failed to discuss with me all the necessary steps that we need from start until we finish the whole process.

They are meticulous and have a quality website design and creation. I highly recommend to you Lyn and Arnold and be amazed by the quality of their “out of this world costumer service”.

Lyn help me gain confidence in giving me advise and ideas and even educating me on how to handle and manage my own website in the future.

Anthony Amante , Owner,