How to plan your lesson by using this curriculum planner

One of the greatest challenges for home school parents, home school students, teachers and even a person with a lot of experiences in teaching can be lesson planning. Ouch! (The reason why I didn't pursue my teaching profession).


New home school parents and new teachers as well, getting to know the curriculum and finding ways to make the course or subject more interesting for students can sometimes be a little bit frightening.

Someone who has a lot of experience, new ideas flowing, keeping the lessons fresh, updated, even when you’ve taught the same thing for years, can still be tough. What more for those who doesn't have experience at all.

But now a days with the help of internet we can find a lot of resources and materials that we can use in curriculum planning.  

And I think conventional schools also help and support their new teachers create curriculum maps. Actually a curriculum map is one way to visually organize the content, skills, assessment and needed resources with particular course or subject.  (That's why worry no more parents)

Ten years ago in the University where I came from they introduce this kind of technique. The curriculum planning, and I realize even if  school doesn’t do curriculum mapping, it may be a practice that  can be beneficial personally and professionally.

Since summer is around the corner and next school year is coming up so I created a 40-week curriculum planner which I am sharing now.  Others can also use this downloadable curriculum planner to develop specific lesson plans for special studies in your homeschool or regular school as well.

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